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Sokol & Associates has developed revolutionary telecommunications protocols, S-PackTM and ECIPTM, to overcome Internet delays and data loss that arise from bandwidth limitations. S-PackTM (Super-Packet) used in conjunction with ECIPTM (Error Correcting Internet Protocol) ensures 100% throughput and error free data. Protocol prototypes are ready and are due for public release by Second Quarter 2000.


S-PackTM and ECIPTM protocols:
  • work over LAN bridges, intranets, and the Internet;
  • produce faster and improved quality transmission of video, audio, web pages, and other data, while reducing the overall server load;
  • improve the performance of Internet and intranet routers;
  • are effective for distributed databases or anything that requires guaranteed transmission speeds, such as daily accounting and news feeds;
  • allow remote control and monitoring of computer units; and
  • are applicable for interactive gaming, text-chat, and related multimedia transmissions

Most Internet users have 28.8 Kbps modems,which means they should obtain a data transmission rate of 3,500 bytes per second. However, typically users only receive 500 to 1,000 bytes per second. S-PackTM users will experience a significant improvement in the quality of received data namely in terms of speed and clarity of the audio/video content.

S-PackTM runs over all existing telecommunications lines and between any Internet-capable computers with proper transmit/receive software (i.e., the S-PackTM algorithm) with no hardware modifications. It competes with VDP, Real Audio, VAT, RTP and T-TCP. Many of these competing Internet protocols give up on lost data or stall for unacceptable periods of time and rely on verification methods during stalls that substantially reduce overall throughput and efficiency. S-PackTM, which is based on raw IP languages (presently UDP), offers superior performance that arises from proprietary data retransmission verification.

The advantages of S-PackTM include that it:

a) allows no data loss;
b) reduces latency due to predictive retransmission; and
c) increases data throughput.


ECIPTM is an additional method of dealing with data loss, enhancing throughput and reducing latency. ECIPTM compensates for packet loss during transmission (which is often as high as 25%) and gets 100% of the transmitted data to the end user modem.

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